Box Storage Mirror

The Box features a full-length mirror, this clever and refined storage solution is the perfect addition to any room. The Box can hold up to 18 pairs of shoes, and has a variety of hanging  and shelving options, making for a stylish and practical design. Have too many shoes and no place to store them? Fix the shelves obliquely and the Box becomes a rack that can hold up to 18 pairs of shoes. If you have a music or movie collection that you’re proud of and would like them to be nicely arranged and displayed, fix the shelves horizontally to turn the cabinet into a convenient DVD or CD rack. For a little bit of everything, go for the version of the Box that has a shelf on top, a hanger bracket in the middle that comes with three spiral stainless steel hangers, and a rack at the bottom where you can keep a few pairs of shoes. And to top it all off, the door of the cabinet has a full length mirror as well. It is elegant enough to be used in homes, yet sleek enough to be installed in offices.
OPTIONS: Can be used as a shoe, music, or storage box COUNTRY: Italy DESIGNER: Luciano Bertoncini