The story of fanuli

A family business spanning three generations, Fanuli has been a leading supplier of contemporary Italian & Australian designer furniture since 1976.

The beginnings

Giuseppe Fanuli, founder of the Fanuli family brand, arrived in Australia in 1956 from Italy with little more than dreams and ambition. Equipped with courage and hope, Giuseppe carried an artisanal skill of cabinetry as well as an aesthetic sensibility that was prized in his new homeland.

He began by lending his craft to established furniture companies, with the ultimate goal of one day opening a business of his own, along with the hope that his family would someday join him to help create the vision.

Fanuli is born

When Giuseppe finally realised his dream and opened the first Fanuli store in Sydney in 1976, the company stocked many of the major, established Australian brands. His time as a cabinet maker brought a wealth of familiarity and experience with the furniture he was selling, leading to a unique insight and understanding into the product he was selling.

Guided by Giuseppe’s core values of selling only the highest quality furniture, providing excellent customer service and never becoming complacent, Fanuli grew steadily, with Giuseppe’s three sons each joining the business to help their father continue his dream.

In 1995 Giuseppe handed the reins to the next generation, and brothers Fabio, Sandro and Carlo took over the company’s direction. Whilst the family connection has ensured continuity in Fanuli’s identity and culture, the fresh perspective brought by the brothers also paved the way for a defining shift in the company’s strategy, with a much greater focus on high-end Italian brands.

Fanuli today

As a result of this, Fanuli are now exclusive suppliers for a number of leading Italian brands including Flexform, Kristalia, MD House and Riva 1920. The affinity between Fanuli and these brands runs deeper than simply good business, with the particular DNA of family companies contributing to the harmony of thought and shared vision.

In recent years, Fanuli have also continued to develop their own brand of Australian-made furniture, offering a bespoke collection of designs that embrace local materials and craftsmanship.

With Fabio overseeing marketing and media for the company, Sandro managing the Italian brands and Carlo taking care of Australian suppliers, the brothers have each chosen an area to specialise in, while continuing to share major business decisions.

After the opening of a second showroom in Melbourne in 2015 and over 43 years of operation, Fanuli has grown to become one of Australia’s leading suppliers of furniture and homewares, offering a complete interior design service for the home and commercial settings.